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Announcement: Register fast and get a free package of softwares including the iZotope Elements Suite, Ableton Live 10 Suite, etc…

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For the 5 first applicants we offer a free package of plugins including iZotope Elements Suite, Ableton 10 Suite and more…

About Wisseloord

We’re proud of the reputation that Wisseloord Studios has gained since more than 40 years. An experience that our team can share to the world. That’s why we decided to create the Wisseloord Academy – a place where students and instructors alike can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate students from around the world.

Upcoming Masterclasses

Join a Masterclass of the Wisseloord Academy and meet Philippe Weiss, mix engineer (Madonna, Drake, David Guetta, Ben L’oncle Soul, etc…)

Jan 11 – Jan 15 2021 @ 10am-6pm: -Studio 2-  Price 650€pp (min 8 participants) If you cannot attend to the 5 days but still would like to join a part of the Masterclass, please contact us…

More dates to come in 2021…



October 24th @ 10am-12am: Studio 2 -Malik Berrabah – Eric Van Der Horst  Price : 90pp

October 24th @ 14am-16am: Studio 2 -Malik Berrabah – Eric Van Der Horst  Price : 90pp



Oct 10 @ 10am-6pm: Studio 2 -Shakil Bholasing-  Price : 150pp

Nov 14 @ 10am-6pm: Mastering 1 -Shakil Bholasing- Price : 150pp

Dec 12 @ 10am-6pm: Studio 1  -Shakil Bholasing- Price : 150pp

Need Guidance?

Full Course? Modules? Masterclasses? If you are not sure about what suits you the best, our team is here to answer your questions and guide you in order to create the perfect program for your needs.

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The Best Of Audio And Music Production Since 1978

Since its creation, the name Wisseloord stands for World Class quality. Artists from all over the globe have been trusting our facilities and expertise for their recordings, mixes and productions. The Wisseloord Academy keeps on following this trademark of quality as we thrive to give all our students the best guidance possible for the growth of their talent.

Our Programs


The ear is the most precious instrument for every producer and songwriter. We need to train it to translate our creative ideas…

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Every producer needs to master the use of his work environment. The DAW is one of the most important tools …

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We look at your original material from all perspectives of the process of producing! From your basic ideas to a releasable track…

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Together with our teachers team and the impressive network of Wisseloord we help you bring A&R skills to your projects!…

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If you want to develop certain aspects of your work without a long term commitment : Mixing, Songwriting, Production, Mastering, Help to build your studio or Guidance on how to  profile yourself as an artist… We offer a broad panel of classes for all the aspects of your career.

Full Year & Adaptive Program

A complete course of 33 weeks for the musicians and producers who want to work on every fronts of their creativity and career. A broad panel of lessons 3 evenings per week with access to our various modules and masterclasses plus some unique “real life” studio experiences.

Private Lessons

You want to work 1 on 1 on your songs, get some guidance on your mixes? Or you maybe need some A&R feedback or  guidance concerning some contract matters? You can choose from a broad assortiment of private lessons from our teachers and coaches…

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At the Wisseloord Academy, we find it important to know the wishes of our students and potential students. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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