Prices and payment options


FULL YEAR CURSUS : SPECIAL OFFER !!! 7380€ !!! (normal price 8200€)

The full cursus contains 30 weeks of lessons+3 weeks of presentations/concerts/exams. 12hours of lessons per week on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays. All subjects & masterclasses

Our advanced students also get the opportunity to use the studios for their own development.


A trimester contains 10 weeks of lessons+1 weeks of presentations/concerts/exams. 12hours of lessons per week on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays. All subjects & masterclasses

Prices are incl 0% VAT. As a registered institution in the Cetraal Register Kort Begroepsonderwijs,  the Wisseloord Academy is exempted of any BTW obligations. 


  • The Art Of Listening, Songwriting and Producing (4h every mondays) : 3000€
  • Career Development (4h on wednesdays every 2 weeks) : 1200€
  • DAW & Production (4h on saturdays every 2 weeks) : 1575€
  • Audio Recording & Mixing (4h on saturdays every 2 weeks) : 2100€

It is possible to follow certain modules for only one trimester. For more info, please contact us.




Divers Classes

  • The Art Of Listening (10 lessons 1,5h/week) : 425€
  • The Art Of Songwriting and Producing (10 lessons 2,5h/week) : 625€
  • Career Development (4 lessons 2h/week) : 300€
  • Private Career Coaching (2 sessions of 30mn) : 125€
  • DAW Development (4 lessons 1h/week) : 175€
  • Tracks & Producing Development (4 lessons 3h/week) : 375€
  • The Art Of Analogue Recording & Mixing (5 lessons 1h/week) : 175€
  • Recording & Mixing Sessions (5 lessons 3h/week) : 550€

Single Lessons

  • Wisseloord Writing Sessions-in partnership  with Wisseloord Publishing/BMG (full day writing session) : 50€
  • Individual Career Coaching Session (price per 30mn) : 40€
  • Individual Skills Development “Mixing In The Box” (2 hours session) : 150€
  • Individual Skills Development “Analogue Mixing in Studio 2” (4 hours session) : 425€
  • Individual Tracks & Producing Session (2h Session) 220€

-Join The Fam-

(exclusive program for only 2 people per semester)

Twice a year, we open our “family” to 2 people per semester.

To enter this journey, you need to be selected unanimely by the whole Wisseloord team. Once you enter our world, you can join our daily working life, help during our sessions, and discover the ins and outs of what we do…day and night.

From day 1, you are not a student, but a team member with who we will share our knowledge and experience fulltime, not only about recording, producing, mixing or music making, but also about how the whole industry is functioning.

Beyond an education, an experience that will follow you for the rest of your life…

Payment Options

The courses, classes or modules are paid before the start of the lessons.

For the full course, we also offer our students the possibility to pay in 10 terms of 755€ (Full price +170€ administration costs)

The modules can be paid in 3 terms (Full price + 55€ administration costs)

For more info please contact us.

Taxes deduction

A big part of the costs connected to our classes are deductable of your income taxes. This is valid of course for the inscription costs, but think also about music softwares, gear, speakers, headphones, production costs, etc… This can make a big difference on your total expenses!

You can find more info on the website of the Belastingdienst


Discount of music software

When you study at the Wisseloord Academy, you become eligible to the students discounts (Edu versions) for the purchase of the most reknown softwares used in music production.

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